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Caption Competition - Fessi

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2 hours ago, S36 OWL said:


"Fernando is modelling the latest knitted jumper from Primark . The Chinos are the new season slacks in a fetching charcoal colour. The jacket he is carrying casually over his shoulder was a present from the fan you rushed onto the pitch at Rotherham to celebrate with him. 

Other retail clothes shops are available in some high streets if they have not closed down."

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13 hours ago, Salmonbones said:

The house I was born in was just down the road - well actually Crescent.   We lived on Manor Park Crescent, walked to school on Manor Lane, and where the two roads collided (not quite just opposite where the picture is taken) used to be a massive dog on the corner that we all loved - mind you that was 34 years ago so the dog is long since dead.


Vineys was still open, and the world was a better place than it is today.



A friend of mine lived on Manor Lane, he was a massive Blade and lovely bloke, don't know if you knew him, Michael Marshall, he died quite a while ago in a car crash on Stocksbridge bypass. I worked down the pit with him when I left school, from 1975 to 79.

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