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Rotherham 2 - 2 Wednesday OMDT -16/2/2019 1:00pm

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Just now, victorturner said:

Sounds a liability. Maybe midfield would suit him better. If he could help the team hold the ball in midfield, would provide what is needed there. There's a fragility in that area.

But I thought the mighty hutch was playing? How can we be fragile with him in the midfield.... perhaps he’s over rated 

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Just now, Theboylangers said:

Realistically, I'd expect us to beat Rotherham. Or at the very least, put up some sort of fighting performance and not roll over. 

Second bit i'd agree with but what in our performances this season lead you to believe that we would turn over Rotherham ?

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In all fairness, Hector has been one of our better players with what I’ve seen this season. He’s obviously had an absolute shocker today. We’ve been warned of this and he does have a tendency to be lax and laid back whilst playing.

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4 minutes ago, Owl Be Back said:

Wow, just wow. Can't even beat Rotherham. And even more damning, we've made them look good.


Any team half athletic will do good against us.


FF isn't good enough to start games.

Bannan needs to be in a 5 man midfield.

Boyd is 5 years past it.

Hutchinson isn't a CM. 

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