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Nuhiu coming on as sub Saturday.

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15 hours ago, asteener1867 said:

F.ook all to do with us mate

I'll tell you what though, It could well come to a point where we are ALL in the sheeite together, and pretty soon...

The senseless slagging off of players, without humour, with simply rancour...ain't going to help anyone... I bet half the players read our stuff and laugh their socks off


Bring it to Hillsborough?. It does make a difference. and its totally self defeating rubbish,

Take a minute to think about what we have, whether its Nuhiu or Fox..They are fit and ready to play, rarely injured, always f.ookin' turn up...We would rather simper about Forestieri, who actually REFUSED to turn up once...Mourn Hoopers injuries...bloody fixture in the side he is!...."Will abdi fire"...Its about time we appreciated those who put a shift in...no matter how misplaced their effort..cos the f.ookers who sit and steal a wage are halfway to ruining our chances for years to come


Well put, Asteener. Nuhiu may not/is not everybody's idea of the ideal centre forward. He does not jump three foot in the air, but it just shows how LITTLE we Wednesdayites actually WATCH football! Whenever we have a throw-in, unless Nuhiu is there, there is never a man to throw it to.  Nuhiu always makes his self available, and , if watched closely, gets in some superb flick-ons in the direction of other W'y players , or at least where they should be. Despite his size and the fact that he rarely jumps, he has the nack of turning up at the right time in the right place, be it attack or defence. Whenever he comes on, he automatically attracts the attention of at least two, often three defenders. 

He came on Sat with 10 minutes to go. Players had been on for far longer and had not even put in as much effort as  him, not least our 'great saviour' FF, who spent 90 minutes screaming for the ball,  often  running about like a headless chicken, others strolling back downfield not even trying to get onside. 

Other managers have shown some faith in Nuhiu. They obviously see something which we fans don't. But then, we know it all. A good example of this is Palmer, who for a number of years has been the scapegoat, but finally is showing some off gthe promise some people have always believed  he had.

We even grumble that he does not acknowledge if we give way. Ever thought that he may have had his concentration on the road.  

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