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In the exact same predicament. Coming home for Easter and going up to Scotland for a golf trip at the start of April. I want to try and go to Villa and Forest.


My guess would be Villa on TV (if it is shown) on Friday night and then Forest staying the same on the following Tuesday. 

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Villa  game will be a 1.00pm kick off on a Tuesday for policing reasons and to accommodate the eastern European and asian audience's. Sky policy to show no care about people going to games. 

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41 minutes ago, Harry Cannister said:

Do you know Steve Sanderson, who used to have Rick's Bar ?


Yes, we used to play football on the same team every Thursday in the midday sun! phew. 

He's still here doing metalwork. 

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Why would sky want to show us live on TV after the shambles on Sunday.

Sky are a commercial entity. Showing us is commercial suicide. 

We've been live on the BBC twice in a year in the facup and on bt. In three games we didn't manage a shot or make any effort whatsoever. 

We don't deserve to be on TV anymore. 

I make no apologies for me comments. In fact it's Wednesday who should be apologising to those 6000 fans on Sunday. 

We are joke and a disgrace. 

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