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On 20/01/2019 at 21:55, Pulsar said:

Went to the second showing at the students union place with a few mates, enjoyed it.

Funnily enough i saw the blonde haired lad who made this at the Lane shortly after and don't recall having seen him before, seen him again since.

There's a bloke in the film who told a story or two, he was sat in the front row at the showing i went to.

I forget his name and he'll not remember me but i remember him from the old kop days in the early 80s as i used to stand next to his mob bang in the middle of the terrace and behind the goal.

One particular game about 2.55pm a bald headed bloke nipped in under the crash barrier and the bloke in the film shouts "fkinell I've laid an egg!"

I was only 12 and still laughing until half time.

A few years later i was playing for Killamarsh in the Chesterfield Sunday league and he was watching with a few mates.

My first goal was a tap in after a keeper fumble and i shouted to myself 'Hirsty' as it rippled down the back of the net to which they all laughed.

I scored a perfect hat trick that day, left foot, right foot and header.


Fast forward a few more years, about 5 years ago to be exact and i saw him outside the Dinnington resource centre outside his lorry he'd had parked up.

I went up and introduced myself mentioning the 80s Kop days and the later Killamarsh football match.

I think he made out he know what i was on about




Anyway the DVD is well worth buying.



On 20/01/2019 at 23:24, i used to be sc_owl said:



Don’t know what I’m feeling after that. 




I know i go on a bit but go easy mate, I've got feelings you know.

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Watched in last night, absolutely loved it.


I have had some amazing times following Wednesday and being a fan, the club does mean very much to me and even though over the years ive had spells of not attending or only going to a few games, i still class myself as a huge Wednesday fan as it has been a big part of my life.

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