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1 hour ago, walkleyblue said:

Just watched absolutely brilliant, don't mind admitting that I shed a few years as well. Well worth a watch.


Please don't let this be a typo, going to put it on a permanent loop just in case.


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Went to the second showing at the students union place with a few mates, enjoyed it.

Funnily enough i saw the blonde haired lad who made this at the Lane shortly after and don't recall having seen him before, seen him again since.

There's a bloke in the film who told a story or two, he was sat in the front row at the showing i went to.

I forget his name and he'll not remember me but i remember him from the old kop days in the early 80s as i used to stand next to his mob bang in the middle of the terrace and behind the goal.

One particular game about 2.55pm a bald headed bloke nipped in under the crash barrier and the bloke in the film shouts "fkinell I've laid an egg!"

I was only 12 and still laughing until half time.

A few years later i was playing for Killamarsh in the Chesterfield Sunday league and he was watching with a few mates.

My first goal was a tap in after a keeper fumble and i shouted to myself 'Hirsty' as it rippled down the back of the net to which they all laughed.

I scored a perfect hat trick that day, left foot, right foot and header.


Fast forward a few more years, about 5 years ago to be exact and i saw him outside the Dinnington resource centre outside his lorry he'd had parked up.

I went up and introduced myself mentioning the 80s Kop days and the later Killamarsh football match.

I think he made out he know what i was on about




Anyway the DVD is well worth buying.


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Just watched it - absolutely glued to it and no doubt will watch this again!

Fantastic production about our wonderful and unique club, many memories come rushing back in one fantastic hit. Parts are emotional in more ways than one but most importantly makes me proud to be a Wednesdayite


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Got it for Xmas from my mum. Cried watching it, which was strange as in not an emotional guy in general,but it really struck a chord and brought back memories from my childhood. 


Also the dvd has extras, not sure if they're on the you tube, but the Lee Bullen interview is worth the cost of the dvd alone. 

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Watched this last night, brilliantly put together and a real eye-opener that football is more than just a game.


Not going to lie, got a lump in my throat when watching the part about the little lad Jack, probably resonated more with me now as I have a daughter around a similar age and couldn't imagine what they would have gone through.


Also a cameo from my mate Chris and his little lad which was good.


Will definitely watch it again.

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