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Referee for Luton game on Tuesday

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We need taller refs. The shorter the ref the fewer fouls we are awarded. Nuhiu, Joao, Flether are all quite tall and the short refs seem to view them being tall as a reason to give them nothing. We could win the league if we have a whip round for some stilts

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11 hours ago, Ever the pessimist said:


Totally. Part of me wonders whether the ref, in the pre game briefing, tells the assistant he only wants him to give offsides and nothing else. 

I think that the referee and assistants should be permanently as a three: every game they are together and therefore build a trust / reliability between one another.

I'm absolutely certain of it. I think some refs want to make ALL the decisions.


I agree the standard is poor - they are just so inconsitant and make basic errors. The real issue is lack of accountability for me.


That said, I love to give the officials stick during a match - part of the experience for me. And the close offside etc is part of the game and post-match I can accept this. I don't think officials are out to cheat Wednesday - I do think some officials prefer themselves to be centre of attention. I wouldn't want to be a ref though.


I remember watching Rotherham vs Preston a couple fo seasons ago - work hospitality thing. It was a dull game and I remember the rovrum fans getting irate over a ref decision - which was bang on the correct one. Both sets of supporters gave the ref stick - yet for a lot of it he was bang on. Emotions rule for us footie fans

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Referees do well with what they do, they make mistakes it's part of the game, it's all well and good some bloke slowing it down looking from numerous angles but the referees go on instinct and make a split decision on only one angle, while also having to keep up with play and keep an eye on other things. 


It's also pretty ironic that whenever we win the ref was good but it only seems to be when we don't get the result the referee is bad. Coincidence, I think not.


The only truly dodgy refereeing performance where even I thought there was something going on was Villa at home last season, to only be given 1 free kick in 90+ minutes is very suspicious. 

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11 hours ago, james o connor said:

You can’t really cheat for us when our bunch of no hoping geriatric crocks struggle to even get in the opposition half 


this is true. 


though i didnt think the ref was a cheat on sat, just crap. 

tbh i can even cope with them being crap if they give what they see. but too many, including the idiot on saturday, are just weak, weak spotting dives, weak listening to fans. hand up and down towards his mouth like a yo-to not sure wether to blow up or not.


winging it he was.

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7 hours ago, alanharper said:


Even if he did there's still no guarantee that we'd win lol




(It was Michael Dawson by the way) 

Thanks for the correction . Memory's going. How did we get on against Hull at Wembley?:wacko:

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