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Absolutely nothing going forward today.

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4 hours ago, Orlando_Trustful said:

Dreadful going forward today. 

So slow and predictable.

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8 hours ago, northeastowl said:


So what you’re saying is they put effort in and we didn’t? 


You'll obviously disagree but it’s right. We were so lazy as a team today it’s laughable. Doubling up? Chasing every man? That’s effort not skill...unfortunately our players are either not fit enough or are to lazy. Take your pick


Of course it's effort, but it's more than simply "wanting it".  It's drilled in to teams and players in training week on week.  It doesn't just happen.  We haven't done that for about 2 years.  It's clearly not been one of our tactics.  Adkins has realised he's not got the greatest players at his disposal so he's drilled discipline and work rate in to them.  You have to be really fit too which clearly Hull were.


My biggest issue with 99% of the comments about the game yesterday that I've seen is the implication that we lost it and just didn't turn up and giving Hull no credit.  They were great.  I didn't come away angry because Hull were actually decent to watch and we were never in the game.  


If we played Barcelona would people come on here making the same comments about us being lazy?  Why does it matter that Hull aren't Barcelona, if they are clearly better than us!

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10 hours ago, TodwickOwl said:


You must be joking right? 


Did you not see how we setup? 


Only Fletcher was allowed over the halfway line up until they scored pretty much. We went there to nullify Hull and had two lines of defence so deep in our half, Fletcher was left chasing a ball around their defence and feeding off scraps.


Yet again - we have found out we CANNOT play with style of formation - we need an outball, and that needs two men up top - near Fletcher, to pick the scraps up whilst he’s battling.


Maybe in that case then 5 players could string passes together in the final third rather than in our penalty box. 

Regardless of how we set up, that makes absolutely no difference to the fact every one of these players used the ball poorly all afternoon. There were opportunities to make things happened and they consistently chose the wrong option or misplaced their passes.

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17 hours ago, FreshOwl said:

Even with FF and João we still don’t create much 


Bannan is seen as god on here but he takes large responsibility, what does he do apart from long ball to fletcher or fancy turns on the centre circle? 

Couldn't agree more. Vastly overrated.

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15 hours ago, Willow Owl said:

Why keep Winnall over Reach? 

Because we can get 10-12m for Reach and he's overrated so id cash in while price is hot...Winnall is young  and a  forward the like of which we havnt got.So get rid of rid of the cack and crocked FLETCH HOOPER NUHIU maybe Rhodes,keep FF WINNALL and  JOAO and add some pace up top...imo...

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