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A few weeks ago there were a lot of sensible threads about his overall performance which is very poor.


now he has appointed Steve Bruce it appears this is all forgotten.


its not - but he has made a good decision in this instance and time will tell how we do going forward.


the appointment of Bruce is certainly not a fix-all and there are a lot of things he needs to put right before there should be talk of any real praise.

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.Just keep on buying the canned tuna guys, you know that it makes sense. :Chansiri:

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On 03/01/2019 at 00:26, beloved_aunt said:

I know he gets a lot of stick on here, and much of it is justified.  But there hasn't been a Wednesday Chairman in my lifetime (or ever???) who has ploughed as much of his own personal wealth into the club and he seems to have learned from his mistakes in the managerial arena and gone for an experienced British manager.  He's also invested in the youth system after years of neglect to get us into a much sounder position.


Credit where credit is due? 


Depends if Bruce is a mistake...

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Football has evolved like everything else,not always for the best.

Once a game that was played,now a business that is run.

No matter what DC has or hasn’t achieved in the past or what he may achieve in the future,it must be recognised that he’s purely a businessman and not a real football man.

Obviously the Premier League is the be all and end all for “Football Business” at the expense of the actual game.

He should be respected for injecting millions into our club,for his agenda and also for us fans.

He’s no different to any current or past chairman of any club imho.


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11 hours ago, upperwinngardensowl said:

The way some fans sweep under the carpet all the bad things this bloke has done, despite the fact we are worse off in almost every, but not quite, conceivable way, is almost beyond belief.

Pitch? Tick

Academy? Big Tick

Big Telly? Tick (although most of time it’s advertising expensive offers)

Bruce? Tick (hopefully)


And then.....

Sacking Grey

Appointing a charlatan 

Appointing Blakey from On The Buses

Appointing a chief executive with a terrible reputation (earned or otherwise)

Alienating fans

Pricing strategy on and off the pitch 

Player recruitment 

Losing the stripes

Losing the badge

Kit prices

“My way or the highway” despite his lack of knowledge 

 “sponsorship” skirting the rules

Humongous debt

The narcissism 


but we got to Wembley (although we didn’t turn up) so everything is ok.

HaHa I’d probably have made most of those changes my self lol

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