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Man of the match & scores Birmingham (h)

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Westwood -6 Some of his passing second half was wick
Palmer - 6 Just cant cross, but works super hard

Fox - 7 Definitely can cross, but what was he doing when he let the ball bounce, shielded it and then turned the midfielder - worked out, but could have been soooo bad. 

Hector - 8 Hes like McGrath - always in the right place

Lees -7 Solid

Hutchinson - 8 So good to have him back

Bannan - 7 some of his passes were off, but he made up for that with some cracking tackles

Reach - 6 Kept running into players and passes were a little off

Boyd - 7 ran his socks off with some touches of quality

Matias - 7 solid first half, went missing in the second

Fletcher - 8 Great finish for the goal, pity he couldn't grab the second. Worked hard


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23 hours ago, Philb125 said:


Tried to go back and watch again as seen it twice stated Liam was at fault? I thought their CB launched long ball down middle that Lees lost out and Adams ran off Hector on flick on. How Liam stops that I don’t know. 

Agree 100% his crosses left a bit to be desired bat times but no way was goal his fault. Lees beaten in air and Hector turned all too easily.

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On 01/01/2019 at 21:13, frastheowl said:


Westwood - 6 - Another quiet day at the office. Not sure he's had a real save to make since returning. Sums up our dominance. 


Palmer - 7 - Did well today on the whole. Defended aggressively up against Maghoma, and showed real anticipation and positivity when he's usually lazy and hesitant. Final ball a major issue though, gets so much space, but his delivery and composure is somewhat lacking. 


Lees - 6 - For the majority of the game, he dealt with Brum's front two well enough. But lost a crucial header for the goal, and went to pot for 10 minutes after the goal. 


Hector - 6 - Similar to Lees really. Thought he was brilliant in the 1st half, the way he went toe-to-toe with Jutkiewicz physically, and came out on top. But lack of positioning/concentration cost us dearly for the goal. Despite our dominance, those two errors from our centre halves have cost us two points today. 


Fox - 7 - Decent game...again. Defended well against Jota, and kept him very quiet. Couple of really nice crosses in which should've been attacked better. Looking much more assured...amazing what a bit of confidence can do. 


Hutchinson - 7 - Steady shielding display, with a few brilliant bits of defending. Namely his crunching tackle ( I could see a red card happening as he went charging towards the Brum player) in the 1st half, and the brilliant tracking of Harding down their right flank in the 2nd half. Looking far more restrained...which is a good thing. No more Mr. Liability. 


Bannan - 7 - On the whole, it was probably a frustrating game for Bannan. Considering our dominance, he'd probably have had wanted to dictate things a bit more than he did. But there was still some sumptuous moments of brilliance today.


Reach - 7 - Technically, he's looking better and better each week. He looks like a player who could now step up and perform in the Premier League. Takes the ball down in his stride effortlessly, and does the simple things very, very well. Perhaps missing those bits of quality in the danger areas today, but nonetheless, another fine display.


Boyd - 8 - Man of the Match - His best display for Wednesday (not that there was much to go on), but his energy levels, considering the length of time he's been absent was miraculous. Continually made dangerous runs in behind Birmingham's defence. Exposed the space left by Colin in the 1st half, and switched it around in the 2nd half, and consistently made runs across the defence in behind their right back. Great performance. 


Matias - 7 - Another hard working display with constant runs in behind, similar to Boyd. Again, similar to Reach, just missing those interactions in the danger areas. He's in good form at the minute though.


Fletcher - 8 - Superb display, and a fine effort leading the line. Had a tough task against physical, centre halves with little help from the referee. But plucked away, and took his goal superbly. Should've scored the header in the 2nd half, but worked so hard, chasing lost causes throughout. 



Overall...very encouraging display. Thought it was a proper football match today. Birmingham are a tough, physical outfit, especially down the spine of the team...and we absolutely matched (and surpassed) them in that respect. Tactically we were superb in the 1st half, and exposed Birmingham's flanks with energetic runners. Monk must've got right into them at the break, because they came out like raging bull's, and we just didn't wake up to it quick enough. A sloppy start, and a really poor goal from our point of view at the beginning of the 2nd half cost us two points. After that, we continued to cause Birmingham problems, but poor finishing and a lack of composure cost us. 


But, I'm sure Bruce will be very pleased with what he's coming in to, and full credit to Bullen for that. A fortnight ago, I, and a lot of us, were worried, that by waiting for Bruce to arrive, could see us deep in a relegation battle by the time he arrived. No need to worry about that now. There's a good squad of players there, who lost their way. With a bit of belief and a different mindset, we look a completely different side. 

Agree totally 100% spot on analysis!

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17 hours ago, Daizan10 said:

Hector - 8 Hes like McGrath - always in the right place


Except when it mattered most.

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