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My xmas wish for all owls fans

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Away day at Boro,

No crib sheet we’ll need

To sing them a carol

That they’ll have to heed.

All stars in The Owls team!

We’ll look back and smile,

Once we’re best in Yorkshire

By a country mile!



Merry Christmas, everyone.

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Brucie our big gut saviour

He's so fat can't see his toes

As a boss tho' you can't fault him

Going up - the ways he knows


All other clubs' supporters

Like to laugh and call him names

Most of 'em are only jealous

'Cause he helps his teams to win their games.


Then one drizzly Tuesday night, Dejphon came to say

Brucie with your shirt so tight

Go and spend my dough tonight


Oh how he loves to splash out

January shopping spree

Sold a few but bought some beauties

Winning streak then Wemberlee

Winning streak then Wemberlee




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