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Just now, ReadingOwl said:


I think he’s related to Theresa May.


When he changes the team on Saturday (yet again) he’ll shout - “Nothing has changed”.


Again - I think I’m living in a parallel universe. 


I cant make head or tail of life anymore.


Is it really this confusing - or is it just me?




You can't even simply log off, just watch the match and support the team at the minute.


You get reyt mad about the team selection then they are either totallyshamefullywank like Blackburn or last week, doing ok, much better in comparison then out of nowhere turn into fuckingidiots for 2 minutes and it's back to square one.


No leaders, nobody taking responsibility for the whole of anything. Fuckingwank.


I am seriously considering going to a new boozer somewhere out of the way and pretending to be from Manchester and a lifelong City fan.

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The club is an absolute clusterfuck from top to bottom. 

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1 hour ago, hirstyboywonder said:


Yeah, sorry if my previous post came across as a bit of a rant directed back at you. Sadly that is the way I get thinking about watching our team under Jos's continued leadership.


No worries

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He has got to go


Dreadful in every aspect


Team selection, subs, press conferences etc.


Freezing out the likes of Westwood & Hutch 


Lack of clean sheets, injuries


Poor results and in a relegation battle


No motivation or passion


His English is worse now than when he arrived



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As I’ve said for months Jos out.

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13 hours ago, edmontonowl said:



What would you say are the problems and what would be the subsequent justification for removing Jos (aside from 1 win in 10) and is it just on-filed you're referring to or including the evident lack of commercial successes?


It was said tonight that Jos was brought in to handle conflicts existing between players. Has he failed to do this?


No he has dropped the trouble makers and divided the fans. Should he be sacked for achieving his given objectives?


He should only be sacked now if with DC's full support he also had a mission to have us scoring more goals, playing more entertaining football, winning more games than we draw and drawing more games than we lose. If we could do that to the end of the season, at least we would stay up, be in a reasonable position for the next owner and get to see some good football from our own team rather than having to watch us struggle against every team we play. 


I always thought DC would be going very soon, ever since his lies and deceit surfaced in the summer, followed by the dummy spitting when he was criticised for his bad decisions and choice of over paid advisers.


He took a punt at getting us up and spent a lot of his and our money trying, which very nearly came off, but ultimately if he had been given better advice and acted on it, we would not be in this current mess, irrespective of what division we might be in. This mess combined with our current league position, the bad feeling towards the club due to high (Owls and opposition) fan costs, his meddling with anything he can meddle with and our immediate and long term prospects with him at the helm means that we stand a good chance of being better off with somebody else in charge.


Thanks for the good stuff DC, but it is right that we say goodbye now, before for the bad stuff gets any worse, the ride was a definite roller coaster.



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