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Fans forum match day thread

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5 minutes ago, gbear05 said:


I agree, he would. But that’s exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.


The problem isn’t his willingness to spend money, the problem is how naieve and out of his depth he is.


Combine his willingness to spend with professionals who know what they’re doing and have experience of football would be a great combination, but he isn’t that person.


He needs to go as soon as possible because if he stays, I really don’t see any evidence that things will change.


Yeh I hope he goes soon, can’t wait to meet the new man , how many millions can he throw at it whilst keeping POTG prices at £5 for adults to keep this lot happy , whilst still signing players for millions and on 25k a week , not forgetting cheap as chips exec boxes and BOGOF season tickets 


can’t wait to meet him 

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