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The lowest I’ve ever felt as a Wednesday fan

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Things were really bad in the early/mid seventies, but even then there seemed an optimism that things would work out.

I hope we can get through the apathy and negativity surrounding the club now. I have followed this club for nearly 50 years and have never felt so disenfranchised as I do now.

As a POTG supporter I have the choice not to attend. That choice gets easier week by week.

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4 minutes ago, Mr Farrell said:


You've got it.


Personally, and just my own opinion, I'm not even convinced he fully owns the Club.


Sage and Onion worries me greatly.

“Here’s X million son, but I want X amount back within this timeframe”

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It is strange but win a few games and these issues disappear into the background.


Perhaps wrongly.


But when you have Luhukay winning one game in ten and free falling to relegation then the wider picture comes strongly into focus too.

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20 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:


Under Irvine in League One people forget we were top 2 until the January transfer window. It all went drastically wrong from there. But at least Mandaric put him out of his misery promptly.


Jos has been here far too long and the atmosphere has turned so sour and it’s very very damaging.


We were very fortunate to be second place after beating Bristol Rovers 6-2. The Rovers and Hartlepool games were freak shows considering the usual rubbish being served up.


Nicky Weaver kept Father Ted in the job way longer than he should have been. He should have been sacked/removed after the home defeat to Huddersfield.


I absolutely hated the football and hated the constant rubbish being served up by the clown. Charlton away and Huddersfield at home should have been the final straw, unacceptable they weren't. 

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I enjoy SalyCinammon's posts on here but I fear the league position under Irvine at Christmas that year was misleading.


We had played quite a few more games than other teams as the snow came in early December that year.


Anyone who endured the thrashings under Irvine away at Swindon and Exeter City pre-Christmas will I am sure still bear the psychological damage.


Those capitulations under master coach Irvine are still etched on my mind.



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The club is rotten to the core.


There was/is a gap in the market to become a good footballing side and marketable club in a fairly large city that is Sheffield, DC could have capitalised on this but hasn’t.


The ground needs major redevelopment to bring it into the 21st century, not quite knock it down and start again but still looks a mess inside and out. 


The badge change was a big mistake, we had a very modern, simple design with a few tweaks could have been an instantly recognisable  brand, we’ve ended up with something that looks awful. While a nod to the past in the 150th year is a nice gesture, re-branding the face of the club was a humongous mistake.


The advertising is a shambles, a complete and utter shambles. Chansiri, D Taxis and Elev8 plastered everywhere around the club does not look professional, it doesn’t send out the right message to other potential business’s.


I won’t go into pricing because we all know everything from tickets to player/match day and pitchside sponsorship is extortionate.


The whole thing stinks of cheap and tacky. The whole club needed rejuvenating from top to bottom, not patching up. The fans aren’t proud of this club, I’m not proud of this club.



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17 hours ago, Sticky belly said:


Agree completely. It’s like a takeover with reservations. He’s taken over and absolutely fleeced the fans to stupid levels, taken 3 and 5 year season ticket money and still come up short.


loads of reports now that he’s not playing certain players because of loyalty/appearance bonus’ etc. If you are loaded then you really aren’t bothered about these kind of things. It doesn’t add up to me either. I think he’s run out of money now. If so and he needs to sell us then he’s gonna take a massive hit on his investment with the way he’s been chucking money around on shi ite. 


I thought the theory behind not playing certain players as they are due a big appearance bonus is that we dont break FFP rules rather then Chansiri had run out of cash.

Although I agree we only have his word for it that FFP is restricting the money he wants to spend.

I am coming round that FFP putting a break on our spending might be a good thing in the long run otherwise could be just storing up worse trouble in a few years down the line.

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On 16/12/2018 at 00:53, Onge said:

I've felt worse - much worse - but that's only because I've become so detached from my club I'm struggling to care. I hate what Chansiri has done to this club and I simply don't trust him to make the right decisions.


In the dark days of the 00s the hope that a rich chairman would come along and we'd be able to spend money kept me going. Now that's proved to be a false dawn I'm all out of hope. And worst of all, all I feel is apathy...

Spot on. Literally everyone I know is like this now. 

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18 hours ago, Mr Farrell said:


Sadly, I've never bought the money theory that he's loaded/has a good funds source.


The Paxo stuffing tie in, cheapo kit debacle, unknown unemployed manager shiite, rinsing the fans for every penny etc tells me Daddy has put limits on our super successful businessman.



just about making a quick profit, and a great ego boost.

he's failed.

think he has the money, just wants maximum profit.

if he wasn't in it for the quick buck, he'd have invested heavily in the areas he's allowed to, like the stadium, training ground and youth set up.

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I may be being optimistic, but am I the only one who thinks that something else is going on other than changing manager. 

Been too quiet from swfc, not heard  from KM or DC, then the bid do at the octagon, something was going on surely? So still expecting some positive developments before Saturday and think more than just a possible new manager. All guess work but been too quiet on the comms. 

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Not the lowest time for me .. that was relegation from the championship followed by our first season in league one, than the 2nd relegation and similar finish in league one.


Its bad, but its more off the field stuff at the minute thats frustrating ,,, really really frustrating ...


To have such an opportunity to take this club forward with, finally, some financial backing, we've only gone and just f*cked it up ...



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On 16/12/2018 at 11:34, Southie_Owl said:

Personally I worry that Wednesday might be a defining moment in my 26 year love affair with Wednesday.


If Chansiri says he’s staying put and has no intention to sell

If he says Jos is a good manager and is doing a good job, and isn’t going anywhere

And if he blames the fans 


Then that might be me done for a while

With an 8 hour round trip to see home games, and at this stage of my life, unfortunately I don’t have the time or money to justify supporting what is quite frankly a shambles. 


What i will say is I have the highest respect for those of you who will still go to matches, as you are the reason wednesday will always be the greatest club in the world.  WAWAW 


Dont think you’ll be the only one drifting away now mate.  Sad times for all wednesday fans tonight 

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On 15/12/2018 at 17:21, SallyCinnamon said:

Tonight. By quite a stretch.


People can do the usual and say ‘be grateful remember the Allen days, remember when Irvine was in charge’, truth is I feel more disillusioned and disconnected from this club than ever before.


Its garbage in every aspect.


I don't feel any allegiance to what our club's owner has been doing with our club, but I see what he has been doing, pretty much the same way as I see a dog carer not looking after my old dog properly.


I will always love the Wednesday and what it has meant to me, my family and friends over the years. I know it can get back to being something caring and special again, but I do believe that it needs some input from an actual bone fide fan or group of fans to help decide exactly how things are done at the club for it's long term future instead of whichever owner's short term ego trip. 


My lowest point as a Wednesday fan was the summer of 2010, when we had been relegated in the last game by a cheating Crystal Palace, who should have been relegated themselves, to none league football for continuing to flaunt the rules governing fair play. To compound our misery we had already sold our talisman Marcus Tudgay to make ends meet, had gone through all the palaver with Cloud 9, after Allen had finished taking fans to court,spat his dummy out and was heading for the door. Cloud 9 had been feeding us with so many promises and bull for month after month, before they finally pullled out and were then told in the national press that in order to end our transfer embargo, which prevented us from making free signings like Clinton Morrison (!) and pay the taxman, who was expected to wind up the club if we did not cough up for several unpaid bills. So we would have to sell our only other saleable player, (My) Lee Grant. The fact that several other potential buyers had all dropped out and that fan groups were trying to rustle up a few bob to buy the club, but were nowhere near enough to even the lowest valuation estimates, meant that the club folding altogether really was a strong possibility. I was distraught. I could not believe that we were so close to collapsing and sinking never to be seen again and I definitely had that horrible sinking feeling.


We didn't though did we? We got saved at the very last minute thanks to Lees Strafford's background work with the bank and shareholders, the very knowledgeable MM came in and Wednesday sailed on. The slightly over enthusiastic Owlstalk relaunched the freshly crewed HMS PTL and after a dodgy maiden voyage in league 1, we waited a season until the perfect opportunity arose to scupper the pigs plans for automatic promotion, by pipping them to the last spot with the aid of our old captains fantastic, the right honourable Mr Gary Megson and the creditable Agent 'Didwell' Wilson! The gap between the Owls and the Pigs became an Abyss, when DC brought in Carlos and our new coaches dream almost became reality when he skilfully piloted us all the way to the Wembley play off final. OK certain things above Carlos had already gone awry, but we were all prepared to forgive the ticket prices going through the roof along with everything else if we reached the promised land with our new heroes in the team. Surely more would be added and we would all go again for another full on assault.


Sadly no, it did not happen, but now surely, with new investors circling like sharks and Chansiri ready to swim for shore, surely now we can all be optimistic again that a new owner can come along, hopefully with at least a solid love for the game and help us sail on to a happy place again?

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On 15/12/2018 at 17:26, Bouncing Owl said:

Agreed. Im not going again until Jos gets sacked. A new manager would get a lot more out of this lot.


I acknowledge there are a lot of issues with our Chairman and our direction but this Manager has surely got to be our worst Managers over the last 20 years or so. Negative, passionless, passive, no plan. Just awful.

Im currently looking for a non-league side to start following

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