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So so sorry Craig. 


I don't know what to say so I'll say nothing other than to wish you can get to see some light through this darkness and feel some comfort through your pain. 


Thoughts are with you and your loved ones

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Very sorry for your loss. I kept checking the thread to see if he was already found.


I don't have experience of losing someone real close to me as few get there, so I cannot know how you feel but it must be devastating. I just hope that the question "Why" will get an answer. As a loving son and family, you all deserve that.


My deepest condolences through these sad times.

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So sorry to hear Craig. I am feeling devastated for you.


We're all friends on here, so if we can do anything to help, let your Owls family know. 


Try and stay strong for your family but also find time to grieve yourself. The only words of comfort I can offer after losing my own father, is that the pain lessens over time.


My thoughts are with you pal.

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5 hours ago, Craig7484 said:

Just to update everyone. 

He loved this club to bits and would have been so proud of all your messages and support.  Wednesday was so close to his heart.  



So sorry to hear this. Kept checking hoping for good news.

Puts things into perspective when people are losing their sxxt about a game of football.

Stay strong fella.

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1 hour ago, Baggys battle bus said:

So so sorry Craig to hear of your loss. Very sad news. Commiserations to you and your family

This post was rushed Craig as I was in a car coming home from a busy day. Now I’ve had time to read about your sad loss properly I hope you can find strength to come to terms with what must be a devistating loss to you and your family. My sincere condolences and sympathy go out to you all at what should be a joyous time of the year. RIP Graham

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3 hours ago, ChapSmurf said:

Craig, I am so very sorry to hear this tragic news, for you and all of your family and your dad's friends.


I would like to offer some words, if that is okay. You have reached out for help from your football family and if you continue to reach out for support during your time of grief, to whoever you feel comfortable sharing your feelings or emotions with, then I promise you, you will get through this. You will be changed forever, but you will get through this. I hope your family is as wise as you in seeking support when needed. I am sure they will find their own way.


Another thing; it doesn't matter what you do, what you say, or how you feel. It's okay. It really is.


And finally, I was told when I lost my wife just over 3 years ago to cancer, that grief is a path that you walk. It starts off very steep, with jagged rocks and sharp thorny bushes that cut you and slow you down. But you keep walking and soon the path becomes easier, less steep with less thorns cutting away at you. And then one day, you will be in wonderful grassy field, filled with sunshine and laughter and happiness. And then the next thing, you are back at the start of the steep, jagged path, being cut again. However this time, you know the journey and you can avoid some of the thorns. You arrive at the wonderful grassy field again, but quicker this time. And the whole thing starts again, and becomes easier and easier with each journey.


That phrase really helped me to understand that whilst it feels like absolute sh!t right now, you will survive and you will get through this. It might seem impossible, but it isn't. Stay strong x

This was a fantastic thing to read considering the shocking story behind it but it’s inspirational mate truly I hope your ok also seems like you’ve been through a lot :(. (Btw the sad face I put was because it hit me that very emotional to read tbf) 

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Really terribly sorry to hear about this Craig, what an awful turn of events for you all. RIP Graham.


Wishing you as smooth a path through it as you can find from here. It won't be easy, but you'll get where you need to in time.


All the best to you and yours mate.

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