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Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

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1 minute ago, TodwickOwl said:

Worrying thing is - these are a mid table outfit at best


And we’re playing against them like they’re top of the league? We actually look like lost little boys - we don’t even look at this standard - we actually look a bottom 3 side.

we make every opponent look better than they are

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1 minute ago, asteener1867 said:

I still care...I'll still go...But I have that old fatalistic feeling that we are sleepwalking towards trouble agin...Its like a f.ookin' old friend tappin' you on the shoulder sayin' "Remember me?"


I used that sleepwalking to trouble cliche a few weeks ago and latterly last week   I want to change it to


we are full on sprinting into trouble people need to take their true fan jumpers off their eyes and realise it    not  that anything can be done about it til the owner wakes up 

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Just now, Ronio said:



That was awful viewing.  


Get Nando on and take the game to them.  


Expect a much much better showing second half.  


Cant get a lot worse really can it? 


On plus side we have decent players to change game on bench and at 1:0 we’re still in the game. 

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We are now exactly like Forest were the other year. Spent a load, didn’t go up, owner runs everything, disillusionment reigns, agents advising and relegation becoming ever nearer.


Only one answer to change this now for me, owner sells up and someone else has a go

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