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Limited Edition Signed Print for Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity

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Me again, sorry!


For the next week or so we'll be taking orders for a limited edition version of our 'We'll never be Mastered' print. These will then be signed by Terry Curran and sent out to everyone before Christmas. The prints will obviously be a bit more expensive than the non-signed versions but we'll be making a significant donation to the Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity for each one sold.


We will be getting the exact number that are ordered signed so this won't be a product that we then continue to sell.


The details:

- A4 print will be £20 with £12 going to SCHC [standard A4 print is £10]

- A3 print will be £30 with £18 going to SCHC [standard A3 print is £15]

- We'll be taking orders until the end of Sunday 9th December


I'm hoping we can make a good donation to this great charity and would encourage people to try and share the promotion with people who may be interested to maximise what we can do. This will make an awesome Christmas present!


We'll obviously share a couple of photos from the signing so that everyone can be assured we're not just scribbling on the prints ourselves. I'd also like to say a massive thanks to Terry Curran for supporting us on this too.


Any questions let me know, the prints are on sale now here: Charity Terry Curran Print





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Shameless bump.


We've got to about £300 for Sheffield Children's Hospital Charity I think from orders placed so far.


The prints are on sale until Sunday this week and then we'll be catching up with Terry Curran to get each order signed next week before sending out.


A4 are £20 [£12 to charity] and A3 are £30 [£18 to charity].


Perfect Christmas gift and a great cause.




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