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North Stand Concourse After The Game

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10 minutes ago, BIG D said:

A guy was laid out and looked as if he’d fallen down the gangway steps. There was quite a bit of blood and the poor bloke looked in a bad way. 

Anyone know him?

Hope he’s ok. 


Some one mentioned this tonight on RS - they (RS) asked for people to call in with any news.


No response throughout the hour.



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Saw this happen. 80 year old guy fell heavily, face-forward, down 4-5 steps with his head hitting the concrete floor of the concourse. Was a really upsetting sight and I spent much of last night laid awake hoping that he was ok.


He didn't seem to have any friends or family with him but he was conscious and responsive when the paramedics arrived, which was obviously a good sign, but I'd really like to hear that he's ok if anyone knows him.

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26 minutes ago, Flat Owl said:

Get back fit soon Harry.


At 89, Perhaps on his return to watch the team the club can relocate him to an easily accessible location in the South stand?

For a reasonable fee lolI’m only joking of course. Wishing a speedy recovery 

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