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Hillsborough & Frustration

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On 25/11/2018 at 17:03, Kopparberg said:

On a bad day.... 


Teams fustrating us with their spot on tactics and bending of the rules. 


Refs frustrate the fans by generally being poo and also acting like they aren’t going to be influenced by the home fans... leading to us not getting many decisions. 


Fans get annoyed and vent. 


The tide turns and becomes a negative atmosphere. 


The game fizzles out after about 75 minutes with us huffing and puffing, getting some half chances that aren’t converted, and ultimately being defeated.  


It’s a planned outcome by the opposition (with a crap ref thrown in). Can you blame them? No. 


Example: Villa at home last season(?). Snodgrass and the ref winding us all up, lost our focus and lost the game - ultimately frustrating. 


What can we do about it?  





Used to love the game frustration as a kid, I will love going Hillsborough again one day. 

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21 hours ago, Geosword said:



Derailing the thread a bit here but I remember back in the 80's and into the 90's even, you would hear the crowd singing way before kick off and was pretty constant throughout. Even for 'boring' games.

So I wonder what it is with home crowds these days?

It's not like home fans can't drink.


Football too serious these days?

It's not just us as you said. It's most home support that is quite subdued for the most part in the modern era.

Can't fathom out why.



When it was standing the atmosphere on the kop used to be second to none, now it's boring. 

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On 25/11/2018 at 17:40, asteener1867 said:

I'm fookin' frustrated as soon as I walk in...Bloody stewards askin' me to take the top of me bottle of water...I just bought for £2 f.ookin' 20p behind the Kop...cos I might throw it...!!

At who FFS!???..From the kop..to the West...a plastic bottle top!....

I says..."if I take the top off..I can't save it to drink through the game can i....I might kick it over when we score"....I realised this was a poor explanation...So I said...."even if we don't score I might inadvertantly...

Anyroad upwards another steward said..."He doesn't have to...Its water"

I mean...Do Coke plastic bottle tops cause more deaths than water plastic bottle tops...?..I was askin' these questions as me lad said "FFS Dad"...like kids do when their parents are embarrassing them...So I left it...


Some tw *t can cart a f.ookin' TUBA up the Kop steps..I walk in with a PLASTIC bottle top and its f.ookin' "zero dark thirty"?

No flags...Fire ...How many flaming f.ookin' pennants have you ever seen at Hillsborough?

The whole shambles is set up to cause frustration....I'm surprised half of us get through "Hi Ho" without booing

I had the same experience on Saturday my son has CAH and requires water for his medication and hence we took a bottle of water in with us


We sit in the Grandstand 


The next minute the turnstile operator bellowed at the top of his voice to a steward as if it was a terrorist attack and I realised at that point it was because my son had the top on his bottle of water


Despite my protestations he would not let him in with the top - you could quite easily take the top off then put it back on once inside - barmy 


He scared my son to death and it was totally unnecessary - the bizarre thing is you can buy a bottle of water with a top inside the grandstand for about £2 (bargain) 


Really poor 

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On 25/11/2018 at 09:07, owls maniac said:

Have a decent team and manager. 


In carlos’s first season we won at home almost every other week. 

FF was on fire that year.

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On 25/11/2018 at 17:38, SallyCinnamon said:

At 1-1 huge roar from the Kop to try and get the players going again. 


The players response it to sit 5 yards deeper and panic. We concede again 5 minutes later.


How people even blame the fans for the crap displays on the pitch is beyond me. Start on the front foot, attack, don’t let the heads drop and go for it- the atmosphere won’t be negative. Same applies for every club up and down the country.


On the whole I thought the atmosphere was as good as it can be yesterday, apart from booing Fox. We haven’t won in yonks and our defence continues to let us down. What do people want fans to do on a cold November afternoon? Start a conga down the North Stand? 

Great post, but it can be spun on its head. Blame is strong, there's plenty of reasons for the negativity, but:

How was it before during the match? Hillsborough, like many grounds, has become a spectator stadium, since all seater was introduced. We have a band that wee wee most off, and ride a wave when things are going well. Generally laughed at by other fans. 

The players do as advised by the coach, surely? If not, the coach is on the edge of his technical area, sorting it as best he can?

The atmosphere starts off generally negative, bolstered by a bit of pre match optimism and 'Hi Ho'. If nothing positive happens early, it settles into spectator mode, when the groans and criticism can be heard, by individual players. Confidence goes. Yup, same for all clubs in the league, depending on the run of form.

You hear a team mate being booed. Surely you think eff you. Maybe it makes you raise your game, maybe not. Most likely maybe not. You're being booed yourself. What do you think? I'll prove them wrong, or do you spiral down? Strong players might fight. Your average player will lose confidence, or think eff it I'm being paid. A player who cares, but relies on confidence - effectively destroyed.

It's a slippery slope, a culmination of stuff, pretty much all negative. How do you turn it round? 

I know Hillsborough, like plenty of other all seater grounds, will rarely be a cauldron - it happens once every few years, for whatever reason. But it easily slips into negativity and quiet. I can recall one game, 1-0 down at home to Blackpool, and the place started to go crazy just before half time. They went on to win 2-1, and it was as much the fans as the players that won that game. That day was brilliant.

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1 hour ago, Spuddy01 said:



When it was standing the atmosphere on the kop used to be second to none, now it's boring. 


Ohh, ah - of course!

How could I forget?

Durrrr! :tongue:

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