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Chansiri out !

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1 minute ago, TaxiMark said:

No hard feelings but just admit you cant run a football club, sell this club to someone who can, its clear you arent the man to take this club further because you simply cannot be trusted anymore, you have made mistake after mistake, the biggest one was make prices unaffordable for potd fans, it was the biggest own goal you did and was the start of the bad vibes, second one was give us a vote for better players then sign the likes of boyd etc...you havent got a clue! Not to mention trying to somehow blame us for carlos the swansea fan leaving!

To even rub salt into our wounds when the north empies after 75 minutes of yet another home defeat your name slowly starts to appear through the empty seats...depressing is an understatement!

Now we are talking. This is the root cause of the problem. Until he sells up, no other manager worth his salt is going to come here. 

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1 minute ago, DBowl said:

Mr Chansiri is a good man but has been badly advised.

He is trying desperately to rectify the situation.


Changes will be soon apparent.

Hes had two fuxking years pal, he thinks having the odd meeting with a few cherry picked fans can calm us all down ...no sorry not good enough!


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1 minute ago, ChinaOwl said:

The Chansiri project has run its course. He needs to sell for his own wellbeing. He created the feeling of hope but now he is going to face the backlash. He tried his best but his own severe limitations have caught up with him.

sadly true


we are infact worse now than before he joined

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