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Cromwell Club - Big Discounts & Chance to Win

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Hello all,


It's been a while since I posted on here about Cromwell Club so wanted to share a few updates and do a quick Owlstalk competition.


1) We're now stocked in the Owls Megastore with Christmas Cards and a range of prints available from today. I know that a few people were previously a bit concerned we were going against the club with what we were doing

2) We have a bunch of new designs on the site since I was last here

3) You can get 35% off everything on site until the end of Monday by entering promo code 35OFF. These will be the best deals before Christmas

4) I'll run a guess the attendance competition for the game today. Add guesses to this thread before kick off and I'll send whoever is closest a 'We'll never be Mastered' print.








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8 minutes ago, Drewswfc said:

Them prints look banging, I never noticed them in the shop last week. 24086


I delivered a bunch yesterday so should be out on sale today.



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6 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:


Thread prediction for later today:


I went in the shop today for some of the Cromwell Xmas Cards and they weren't out for sale and nobody could find them.




Hope not :)


If they want to shift what they ordered then they'd be sensible putting them out on display! 

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