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Great Big Galaa

An assessment of where we currently are?

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8 hours ago, Great Big Galaa said:

It scares me to see where we are now from where we were 18 months ago. How a side can regress so much in a relatively short space of time is unbelievable in many ways?


This demise IMO started in the main with the injury problems we started to have in Carlos' second season in charge and we became more attritional in our play as a result. We got away with it that season but we haven't been as lucky since. We are bogged down by negativity in our a play as a result of this period and we're struggling to get out of it at the moment. 


The opportunity to get some freshness back in our play was last Christmas when Carlos left but unfortunately we went on to appoint a manager who makes Alan Irvine look like Pep Guardiola. Yes, he's inherited a lot of problems not least an ageing squad that is full of players who are injury prone and arguably past their best and in all fairness because of the farce that is P&S, he's been unable to shape the squad in a way I'm sure he would've liked.


I'm not in the know but I can't believe an experienced manager and that is what Lukuhay is would shun experienced championship players in favour of untried youngsters without issues behind the scenes forcing his hand. It just doesn't make any sense. I believe that Lukuhay has found himself in a similar position to what Brian Laws did when he was in charge at the time when we had no chairman and he has had to be the face of the club during a time of obvious uncertainty. The chairman's outburst at the beginning of the season at the fans forum has been well documented and IMO has cast a black cloud over the club but apart from his tet a tet with a supporter last week after the Norwich game, he appears to have disappeared into the background and seemingly left Jos up the creek without a paddle?


Now Jos doesn't help himself with the constant chopping of changing of first elevens and tactics and the stand offish way he comes across to supporters but as has been pointed out, he's part of the problem not the whole cause of it.  He came to these shores with a reputation as someone who would walk away from a job if he wasn't happy with his working environment, yet here he is sticking it out when surely there must be reasons for him to consider his future?


As for the side in general, we don't have an identity or a set style of play. I think the main problem is the midfield. The balance is all wrong. It doesn't offer sufficient protection to the defence and it doesn't offer decent service or enough support to the forwards. Fletcher in particular is that isolated at times, he may as well audition for the lead in a remake of Robinson Crusoe.


Pelupessy does a specific job. Bannan looks unsettled at the moment after a strong start to the season and Reach despite his wonder goals and odd assist doesn't influence games enough in possession as a player with his ability should though he does work hard. I think Jos is not helping Onomah with his chopping and changing. The lads got pedigree but how can he start producing on a regular basis if he's not playing regularly. The same goes for the defence. How can we start being more solid if we play a back 5 one week and a back 4 the next as well as the constant changes?


I'd like to see a new manager. This bloke is not up to the job required but if there was a change I could see the chairman bringing back Carlos and the fact I think this is a possibility makes me feel we won't move forward as a club until theirs a change of ownership. I've felt for sometime he'll look to get out at the end of this season and events so far only make this belief more stronger but where this would leave us is anyone's guess?

A lot of logic there...

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8 hours ago, steelcityowlsfan said:

Not sure how he’d know but Michael Brown said Westwood wasn’t playing because if he plays 2 more games it triggers a new contract. 


Its stuff like that and the feeling of deceit that irks us fans. For a manager who is struggling to not play his best players is bizarre at best. 


The trouble is we don’t have an identity because it’s chop and change every week with formations and personal. Add to that the horric defending (last night an exception) and we’ve gone from a mid table team to one looking over its shoulder. 


This would be an ideal time to relieve Jos of his duties and bring a new manager in. I fear last night has bought Jos some more time sadly. 


Ex players tend to have lots of contacts and mates still playing at clubs, so its probably common knowledge 

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I'm currently in the living room ...






... bit sad for a Saturday night

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