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I am not making out that he could be our hero or anything like that, and not going insane after watching yesterday’s game. 


However do people think it would be worth him playing at CB? I know when we have played 3, he’s sometimes gone in there and looked alright, much better than LB (I just don’t think that position suits him). 


Was it not him that when Loovens got sent of at derby, he slotted into the middle and played fairly well. 


I know people have mixed mixed views on him, I get he isn’t the most gifted at LB, but no one ever slags off his effort or commitment, more his natural talent.


I think he’s a player that gets stuck in, and puts his head there, who seems to be generally available and personally think CB is more suited to him. 


I’ll get my tin hat out.

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No need for the tin hat, it’s a valid point. He’s slotted in quite there and is has physicality for the position.

Pudil is struggling to last 90 minutes now and looked shaky late on yesterday before he was subbed.

Would certainly put him ahead of Van Aken until Thornilly has matured a bit more.

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