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6 minutes ago, StockyBoy said:

People say they wouldn’t have him back! after watching the last 10 months I’ve come to the conclusion that I would so there you have it Chansiri if you reading this sort it out


You seriously want us to get worse?

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3 minutes ago, Vernster said:

Megson was woefull towards the end of his reign here . I really don’t get it why anyone would want him back .

we’d be better of with Jones . He transformed Megson’s team  ! 

You mean the last 4 games that some results could have gone either way. 

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I'd understand the whole megson thing on here if he'd actually done well here, but he really didnt. 


West Brom ( who he managed nearly 20 years ago ) rate him but other clubs use his name as a swear word.   He hasn't managed for over 5 years and there's a reason for that.  Sh#t manager. 


Not against changing from Jos, but don't make things even worse. 

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2 minutes ago, Derby owl said:

Unfortunately Alex ferguson couldn't do anything with this team.

You can count on One hand the 3 players fit to play for us. 


What if you are a Lobster?

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