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I went to a Noel Gallagher concert in Milan. Didn't get to spend much time there but I would recommend walking round the roof of the Il Duomo cathedral and also take in the Last Supper painting if you can get in (book in advance). 

We also had a look round the central shopping area, nice but expensive designer shops.


My main memory though is paying 30 euros in our hotel for a double vodka and pineapple juice :duntmatter:

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No point starting a new thread...


Booked to go 22nd September. Flights dirt cheap return and good times so thought why not. 


Will be spending most of the time in Lake Como, digs will be in Nesso, good place for access to swimming the lake. Using the ferry/boat as the main transport method after getting the train/coach from Milan Bergamo airport. 


Will be spending a couple of days and nights in Madrid itself too. 


Ideas on things to do? 


Looks like the football fixtures will be out in July time, so I can toy with the idea of a game a bit closer to the end of summer I guess. 


Open to anything really. Especially anything a bit different. Free or at a cost.


Recommended restaurants would be great!


Are the daily/5 day public transport and/or ferry vouchers viable on most companies/easy to use? 

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