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Queens Park Rangers - V - Wednesday OMDT

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2 minutes ago, LSOwls said:

Roll on January where hopefully we can ship out some of the dross and make sign some fighters.


Huge lack of leadership & balls!

What do you think is going to happen in January?

How do you propose shipping out dross? To who?


These players are a disgrace, bar Bannan.

He's the only one who seems to care. Something not right with the whole make up of the club.

We aren't a unit. Team spirit goes such a long way in Football/Sport

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1 minute ago, TINKERBELL said:

Blame fully is with jos .


I don’t think it is. He keeps giving squad players a chance, not unreasonably, and nobody wants to take it.


Instead of changing the manager, this squad needs a major overhaul.


Some of them just aren’t up to it. Or, aren’t bothered.


Which is unforgivable.

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Guest The Horse

The annoying thing is, those flaps over the city have got the bit between their teeth with less talented players thanks to their manager.

Who could we draft in similar?

Oh yeah, that Megson guy.

Get him in.

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4 minutes ago, Half time Bovril said:

Foot taller than I expected then.

I know it's misleading.

He plays in a pair of Eltons old boots from the 70's.

Apparently Dawson is a big fan.


He also has a pair of M Mouses gloves but too many fingers.

He wears them anyway.





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