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Players we've had like Nuhiu in the past?

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Sorry for another Nuhiu thread.


Currently abroad in America and was speaking to a guy who used to follow Wednesday a fair bit in the 90's and early 00's.


I was telling him about our current squad and was thinking of the type of players like Nuhiu that we have had in the past and I realised that it was a real struggle.


The only ones that I said had a vague resemblance of the big man was Andy Booth and Shefki Kuqi, not much pace but good strength, good in the air and good work rate (especially Andy Booth).


Anyone remember any past players that reminds you of Nuhiu.


It was only when I was talking to the guy earlier that I realised just how much of a one off the big man really is.




P.S. I'm a Nuhiu fan so would really appreciate fans giving proper responses to this post that are relevant to the subject, not the morons coming on here just to comment that he is rubbish.

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Derek Dooley springs to mind.   Big lad with an eye for goal - from what my granddad and dad said he was basically a target man - just lob the ball to him and off he goes.   Not sure if a player like Dooley would make it in today's game BUT he was a phenomenon for his time.. And before I get shot down in flames (LOL) Derek definitely scored a lot more goals that Atdhe...

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Not so sure about the comparison with Sibon in that there were times when he just couldn't be arsed whereas from reading on here Nuhiu always seems to give 100%. Iv'e only seen him live a couple of times so not really qualified to make a proper judgement.

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3 minutes ago, wiltonowl said:

Gerald Sibon,

Another who split the fan base,had you swearing most of game,then jumping around in celebration with a goal.

I'm a fan of both past and present


Agreed. But at times Sibon was utterly, utterly, brilliant.


Nuhui is not in the same town as Sibon, never mind the same street.


Both can’t head a football - and there, the similarity ends, unfortunately.

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