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Name a Sheffield Wednesday player you'd totally forgotten..

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20 hours ago, TommyCraig said:

Terry Curran, Richard Creswell, Leigh Bromby, Alan Quinn, Carl Bradshaw, Franz Carr, Derek Geary, Owen Morrison, David Ford, Brian Marwood.

Never heard of em. 

... Jeff King, Ian Porterfield, Derek Dooley...

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15 minutes ago, 31Dec1966 said:

Who was the player who took the p in the corner of south stand/kop that so annoyed the opposition (QPR, I think ). About 10 years ago.


Frank Songo'o. Best piece of skill I've ever seen live at a game. 


Ben Sahar. 

Nejc Pecnik 

Dejan Kelhar 

Rhys McCabe

Paul Corry

Seyi Olifinjana 

Stephen McPhail

Julian Bennett

Steve Howard 

Leroy Lita

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2 hours ago, torryowl said:

I could look it up but who the scots guy who played half a game at Leicester when we got beat 6-1 and never surfaced again ?


Kenny Brannigan


Think David Tomlinson made his one and only appearance in that game too, I can't remember him playing again anyway. 

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