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It's probably also worth pointing out that Forestieri made 40% of his Championship appearances for Watford from the bench, so it's not an entirely unusual position for him to be in.


Clearly Luhukay isn't the first manager to think he's capable of doing a job for the team as a member of the matchday squad rather than as part of the starting eleven every single game.

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40 minutes ago, onlyonedavidhirst said:

Apart from his age, there are similarities though, because it’s likely Pep dropped him due to his “team ethic”, which is probably the main reason FF was dropped.


That's how I see it. We shouldn't be pandering to prima donna's. He already has the fans backing, he just has to earn his place & it's a win-win scenario.

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15 hours ago, owls-swfc said:

Why do you want one of our best creative players to go? 

I didn't  say I wanted him to go but the scenario for his departure  is being painted

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Why would any fan bemoan the line-up of their own team after its won 3 from 3?


i honestly dont understand it, i just cant grasp it, i mean you support SWFC right?  were winning so whats the problem?


is it so your starting Xl looks sexier when talking to your mates who support yooooonited?

does some players physical appearance embarrass you? 


ive seen it said  'yer but if we wanna beat the best teams den FESSI gotta be in like, ynowotimean' 


we aint picked the xl for those games yet...maybe we will beat them best teams with a hungry FF in the side. then i guess that will make you right, right?  .....WRONG, Jos has already made you wrong. cos he has took 3 points in these games.


if FF does help us to wins v good sides Jos will also be right, cos hes the one who has stopped FF getting injured/suspended/fatigued in these games weve already won.


No one bemoans the fact that Jimmy Greaves couldnt get in Englands team during WC66..

if you look at it on paper he HAD TO BE IN, but the games not played on paper is it. 



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