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Which random cheap manager will we appoint next ?

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4 hours ago, Belfast Owl 2 said:


How do you know?




most decent on the rise or experienced no nonsense type managers over here won't work with someone like Chansiri? Wednesday is his toy and Chansiri and his advisors have ballsed up the recruitment ever since Wembley. Plus the way Chansiri works and controls things, we can only expect yes man/cheap option type appointments, unless Chansiri learns from his mistakes and takes a fresh approach and let's a manager do things how he wants and if he takes advice it should be from football minded people but it seems unlikely at present... 

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1 minute ago, Captain Scarlett said:


The passengers on the Titanic said pretty much the same.




It's fine when it's just a film though, this is real life!!!

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Guest charmer
14 minutes ago, Owls2k said:

Dave Hockaday


Great joke.


Hockaday is probably the worst manager imaginable. I can’t think of anyone worse. Infact Hockaday makes Irvine, Laws, Carlos and jones all seem decent. 

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5 minutes ago, robintrower said:

Why not let the managers manage without any interference and see how we go on.

I think you probably  understand that 

We are so "far from these things" you state Robin ?

I'm not letting the cat out of the bag yet though ......





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