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Brentford 2 - 0 #SWFC - Official Matchday Thread

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5 minutes ago, Beholder said:

Nuhiu has been shocking. 


Fletcher needs to be in front of him. 


He would have been, had he not just played a couple of hard games after an awful long time out.


That's the kind of thing our last gaffer would have done.

Please add me on Linkedin, or......Waste some time, play 2048

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2 minutes ago, Lawrie Madden said:

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties 


Well worth Four and half quid a month

Absolute garbage. I'm going to unsubscribe. I'd rather have access to nowt, than pay for summat that keeps going jugs up.

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2 minutes ago, quinnssweetshop said:

The clubs been destroyed from top to bottom, the fans are being ripped off and lied to, what next ?

If we can get to half time 1 down its not bad, lets be positive

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