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Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

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8 minutes ago, kendoddsdadsdogsdead said:

Out of interest, if Westwood is now officially 3rd choice, does his appeal to other teams diminish as he will not be playing a single game. ? How can teams judge his fitness and ability. If we are keeping him back in the hope that come the end of the month he is going to be snapped up, why not play him and out him in the shop window. It benefits the club massively to do so, by getting our best keeper in the side and may induce a bidding war for his services.


I can only presume by this monumental fu*k up by the club in making this decision that they are happy to let him sit and rot away. Utter madness, it really beggars belief.


It appears to be a standard Chansiri tactic based on what happened with Hirst and Clare.


Once you have decided that they are leaving, completely freeze them out until they leave.


Presumably the idea is that he knows he is no longer welcome, so more likely to accept a move even if he has to take a pay cut.


It's a pretty shoddy way to treat the best keeper we have had since the 1990s at least.

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I think this sends out the wrong message to the young keepers; displacing and being ahead of Westwood could go to their heads. 


Who are they gonna learn from?  


Its a crazy decision. I can only think he has a clause in his contract that gives him a bonus or wage increase based on clean sheets or appearances. 


I bet Westwood is thinking f$ck this.

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35 minutes ago, Eastleigh Owl said:

The 2 young ones have earned their chance, I thought Westwood was on the decline when he was last playing regularly and he's now been out for 9 months is it. Like someone said earlier, somebody has to be third choice and if it's one of the younger keepers they'll be wanting away.

It's not before time we started to bring the younger players in. Paying these exorbitant wages has got us nowhere and we ultimately have to balance the books.


Playing with broken ribs can do that to a goalkeeper!

Westwood is one of the best in the division, we may have paid him a wage that has put other teams off buying him and maintaining his wage but that is not his fault, he has rarely let us down and over the course of his time with us has consistently been one of our best players.


If the plan is to get him off the books, relegating him to 3rd choice is hardly going to put his price up. Potential buying clubs already know we are in need of income from sales and now if they fancy negotiating over Westwood they have the advantage of him only being 3rd choice for us so seemingly not a necessity to keep.

If no one comes in for him then we would be better off picking him than paying him his considerable wage to not even have to turn up on match days.


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5 minutes ago, IWEDFM said:

An absolute joke


How can Westwood be 3rd choice?


Yes, Dawson & Wildsmith are the future but Westwood should be starting no arguments


Better keeper and more experienced


And better at Marshalling a suspect defence, looks like we aren’t really that bothered about making a serious attempt at promotion.



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3 minutes ago, owlinexile said:


It appears to be a standard Chansiri tactic based on what happened with Hirst and Clare.


Once you have decided that they are leaving, completely freeze them out until they leave.

Chansiri didnt say it tho, Jos clearly stated the other two have done well enough for him, the manager, to be 1 and 2.


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30 minutes ago, Rogers said:

He was playing injured last season imo

Agree but he was playing injured in previous two seasons according to himself.


A huge number of keepers have moved this summer, no interest in him at all why is this the situation? Its either because of injury or he is not considered good enough.


Its also our last chance to cash in on him and one of few positions we have real strength in depth.

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He needs to realise he isn't in Holland now and leave the whacky backy alone if he thinks Westwood is the 3rd best keeper at the club.

Absolutely scandalous how he is being treated by the club.

Jos will stand or fall by his decisions and sadly I fear it will be the latter.

If DC is pinning his hopes on promotion this season then he needs to stop visiting the same skunk house as his manager or get a plan B sorted.

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Obviously, no one on here knows whether Westwood’s skills have declined so far that he is by merit the third-choice keeper.


Obviously, no one on here knows whether there are active negotiations with other sides to move Westwood out, and whether the club has to minimize information about what is going on in those discussions until a loan or sale (outside England) is negotiated, or the window closes entirely.


Anyone making these two points to debunk Owlstalk posters who assert that the Westwood is best, or that the club should cash in if they have decided to move him on cant be proved wrong.


However, I think it also fair to observe two additional points:


1)      This chairman has earned the skepticism of all Wednesdayites that he and his undisclosed advisers are competent to make personnel decisions and conduct negotiations.


2)      This club under the ownership of this chairman had earned the distrust of all Wednesdayites that it will communicate important basic truths to the supporters.


We have seen plenty of evidence that the club is currently incompetent with respect to each of player evaluation, transfer negotiation, and respectful communication with the supporters.


So it seems fair to express profound skepticism that the club has made a professional footballing decision that Westwood is in fact our third most skilled keeper, or that the club will maximize the financial interest of the club in moving him on. And of course we don't really know, but in my opinion our ignorance comes back to the failures of the club.

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31 minutes ago, Groundhopping Owl said:

In which case why the hell haven’t we sold him??? I’m not against playing the younger keepers and fully agree with Jos that they, not Westwood, are the future of the club, but it’s still utterly absurd to have one of the best keepers in the league out of the match squad earning a hefty wage for nothing. It’s disrespectful to a keeper who’s given his best for us and is yet more poor management from the powers that be.

Perhaps no one has come in for him?

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Jos is putting pressure on our young keepers now as fans will measure their performances against Westwoods levels. If there is no falling out then why wasn't Westwood on the pitch warming up with and supporting the other two? Of course it would indicate some humiliation towards Westwood. Weaver needs to up his warm ups too with no football golf game/crossbar challenge today.

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