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Right, I have one spare. 


Couple of stipulations though;


Only want face value, £28. None of this ripping fans off here. Anyone offering more money either to me or charity will not get it. Can't abide that kind of behaviour as well intentioned as it may be. 


Will need picking up in S18 ideally Friday after 6pm. Failing that Manchester from 930am in a boozer decided upon on the day. Which is another way of saying don't know where we will be as we intend on breaking the European drinking record. Not really wanting to leave it until we get to Wigan as I want to get in the ground early to see if the cheerleaders are any good. 


Please note below if you can meet the above stipulations. I'll get my 6 year old to pick one in the morning, and notify on here who's having it. 


Hope that helps. 

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11 hours ago, metroguy78 said:

Also interested if it's still going ? 


Based in Manchester so will happily pick it up Saturday am. 

Sorry mate, but my 6 year old preferred his picture. Couldn't think of a fairer way of doing it. If I get wind of any others, I'll send them your way. 

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