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Mansfield Town vs #SWFC | official matchday thread

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4 minutes ago, Watson said:


But Lukestheman comes from the back and takes the lead, this bedwetter from many years standing is protecting his cherished title of OT Bedweters Champion.

Have a day off bell tip, its a forum, opinions, ect.. 


Oh, discuss the post not the poster 

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5 minutes ago, canyoujust said:

Picture us if the pigs had let their star youth leave for a fiver , no signings , a £100 shirt and a manager from the German dole office ... 




Can't argue with that.


We'd give them no peace, to be fair.


Really, when you consider what we've spent up top and in the middle, we'd have had to have been a parachute club to have been able to do likewise in defence as well.


On paper we've brought in quality, and I'm still of the opinion that many of our injuries are down to something at the club rather than their being crocks, but we just didn't budget well enough to leave any money for the defence.

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1 minute ago, Royal_D said:

Perfect example why Reach needs to be utilised further forward 

Exactly, if we want to play a wing back system, we need to buy/loan two proper wingbacks,  right and left.

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Just now, Leaping Lannys Perm said:

Another bizarre goal. This time for Wednesday. Decent Palmer cross headed away to Reech who has space just inside the box. Reech mis-hits his volley slightly into the ground. It skims up and hits a defender in the face as he ducks down and spins into the net.


Give over!  He meant it to happen.  

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19 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

Can I just mention I had a lucky half time dump?


Don’t panic.


Goal coming up.


Just loosening up.


Don’t panic, it’s only a pre-season dump. Doesn’t count for anything at this stage.



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