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I've no idea if there are any stats to support the theory but the squad we have (along with all the fitness / injury considerations) are without doubt a talented group, with a lot of experience as a team. We've seen patches of them being outstanding performance wise under Carlos and results wise at the end of last year with Jos who hadn't had much time to apply his improvements. 


What are the best memories or examples of teams being 'better managed' to success (like Burnley for example) that haven't needed to be bought through massive transfers? 

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On 24/07/2018 at 03:18, Woozie said:


Brighton made huge losses trying to get promoted for 5/6 seasons - last I heard they "owe" their owner Tony Bloom £250 million. Of course, as a fan, he has written off the debt.

Apart from Burnley, Blackpool were promoted for "next to nothing" under Holloway. Cardiff last season? Huddersfield before that?

It's possible to go up without spending a fortune. Just need a very good (or lucky) manager.

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