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Steelowl : 2 rashers of bacon, small onion, 2 large tomato all finely chopped. Pan fry with tablespoon of olive oil. 1 Oxo cube with 2/3 cup of boiling water add a good squirt of puree. add to pan and simmer down. ready to serve in 7 or 8 minutes. Lovely.

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4 minutes ago, WAWAW said:

He'll be fast on now listening to T'old ian. ffs.

Why does he have to say eckington pig all the time,really gets on my t1ts  that the boring snorter 

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Just now, stevie snerklebox said:

To be fair to 2-1 Ken you never hear him talk about anyone other than the Blunts when he's on, unlike most of their scrubber supporters.

agree he's just sounds boring  but Mick reckons he's a reyt comic 

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