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8 hours ago, Colin Dobson said:

My favourite Wednesday player back in the day obviously! Very disappointed Alan Brown felt he was surplus to requirements but he did well at Huddersfield. I feel he should really have had a much more stellar career than he did. After a few U/23 performances one paper(I think it was the Daily Express) picked him to play in a full international but I forget who it would have been against. Judging from Don Megson autobiography he and Colin were good mates. Hope he's well and thriving.

he was never quite as good as we thought he would be …….I read somewhere that brown thought he lacked a bit courage /bravery/bottle which is probably the the reason he binned him . 


3 hours ago, Oliver Cromwell said:

Great winger, loved to watch him. Selling him to Huddersfield was another of Alan Browns big mistakes. Bringing in Brian Usher as replacement was another one, would put Usher in the thread on worst players seen.

usher was awful but he  replaced finney not Dobson ……

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