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I’m all for child friendly chanting...how about “Nellie the Elephant “ 


“The ref and his lino’s packed their trunks,

And wondered off to the circus,

Off they went with a bung and bribe,

Bung, bung bung.”


I can see it catching on.

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1 hour ago, Mr. Tom said:

I miss this one (even though it's basically a pretty horrendous song lol), haven't heard it in years




Horrendous? It's one of the all time greats!

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I love owls

The owls love me

we’re the Wednesday family

with a great big atdhe

and a pass from reach to joao

Let’s all sing The blades are poo


Inspired by the purple dinosaur haha

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Coming away from the Cardiff match my 6 year old said "Will that warthog be alright?" what warthog? "That warthog that is in care"

Warthog is in care!

This had my eldest daughter laughing, she's been coming to games longer and knows all about Colin.


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