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More than just a game by numbers

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We didn't have a shot on target, but that stat doesn't really mean much by itself. You could have tame long-range efforts on target all game long but chances like the ones Fred Venancio missed in the 2nd half are far more likely to produce goals. We should've been a goal up on the hour and as has been the case in our recent victories, that shifts momentum.


We all know how fashionable stats are in modern sports. I see people throwing out the stats from yesterday's game and they look bad, but stats are little more than a checklist of binary outcomes bereft of context. An Opta bloke with a laptop, checking off events like one of those traffic counters you sometimes see at traffic lights tallying up vehicular activity. Shot off target. Click. Foul. Click. Articulated lorry. Click. They're useful for computer games and spreadsheets, but to use them as a stick to beat our team with is a little shortsighted. Like those who allow their opinions of movies to be shaped by critics, over what they actually thought at the time. Just say what you..erm... saw.




Were Owls really that terrible? I don't think so.


The game only ran away from us in the last 15 minutes. The game got more disjointed, we gave away tired fouls, we couldn't get the ball and our defence was overrun. Fulham frustrated the chuff out of us with their gamesmanship, but it was smart play from them and we'd have wanted the same from our team. With Hutch back out and Bannan limping off early, we were still a shell of the team we'll hope to put out next season. This isn't happy clapping™ but balanced realism. Fulham were absolutely the better team, deserved winners, and it was gutting to see them hold us at arms length in the closing stages like a flailing Scrappy Doo but come on, perspective.


Some on here are so quick to turn on each other. I fail to see how calling a fellow Wednesday fan a bellend does anything other than create a snowball effect of negativity, but maybe someone has some stats for that.




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Fulham were by far the better team. No shame in losing to them. We have little to play for, our season is ready to end. 


I agree many of our fans need some perspective. 

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26 minutes ago, owlerton said:

Fulham were by far the better team. No shame in losing to them. We have little to play for, our season is ready to end.


We just have to avoid becoming complacent after our 3 wins before yesterday; mathematically we're not safe yet and yesterday's results didn't quite favour us... except for Barnsley denying Pigs chasing play offs and getting 3 pts to still make that 3rd relegation spot open. As of yesterday it's highly unlikely we could end in 23rd or 24th... it could only happen on goal difference if I'm not mistaken. Sunderland would have to score 23 goals more than us over 5 matches to make that a possibility, not seeing that happen.


So, it's 22nd spot we have to avoid now and Barnsley have one game in hand on the others above them. If they win that one, Bolton will be 22nd with us on a 8 pt cushion (9 if you count huge goal difference). And there's 15 to play for still.

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