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Just now, Rhubarb n Custard said:

In your time watching our beloved club which player in your opinion was...


1. The hardest

2. The fastest

3. The laziest

JJ has no 2 and no 3 

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In my time,


1. Emerson Thome

2. Dalian Atkinson, remember Franz Carr being hella quick too but he was hardly here

3. For some reason I always think of Blondeau as being massively lazy, think he was struggling a lot being in Sheffield tbf. Probably fairer to stick with Bothroyd lol

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Abdi (no explanation needed)


Pressman (like lightning, always first to the buffet)


Fessi (can't even be arsed to get on the bus, let alone walk to the shops)


Honarable mention to Madine who nearly won all of the categories. Hes the hardest man in any pub he enters, off in a flash when old bill turn up and too lazy to pick up the soap.



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4 hours ago, deantheowl said:

1. Mick Lyons

2. Paul Warhurst 

3. Jay (not) Bothered 


2 Paul warhurst, can you remember him doing that sprint challenge against other teams players, think it was on saint and greavsie 

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