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Your a Sheffield Wednesday fan where do you live

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44 minutes ago, Pulsar said:



We moved to Catcliffe from Brighton when i was a kid.

Lived in the old terraced houses on Frederick st. that have long since been demolished.

I live in Anston now.


North or South ? 


It makes a difference . 

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2 hours ago, HOOTIE AND THE poo TU said:

Very nice


I wondered if you were just really crap at spelling

I am cwite bad at spelling, I’ve just diskovered dislexeer at 61 . ( cue dyslexia jokes... I’ll start)

Took a dyslexic girl back to my flat last night... she ended up cooking my sock.

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now live in Swanwick Derbyshire and the lad has already said he will need an 8 hour appointment on the 11th at the dentists.


Seriously though someone could have checked the outside Sheffield 1/2 term dates. We are a club with a wide fanbase.  

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1 hour ago, Zlin Owl said:

Live in the Czech Republic. I have been here now for 7 years, love it, lot's of positives but miss attending games. Before that, lived in Stoney Middleton and worked at the Environment Agency.



I envy you


We went to Prague last April, I fell in love with the place, especially those slinky doughnuty things

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