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10 minutes ago, Night_Owl_15 said:

That's amazing.

I've just started to try my hand at 3d printing as part of my Btec.

I don't suppose you could share the stl file with me please.

Once you get into 3D printing it does become obsessive and you want to print everything lol

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Mate of mine had one the once and the kids lost the back of the remote that holds the batteries in, ney bother he says 10 mins later he's printed another off.



Wrong colour mind, but it did the job.

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2 hours ago, Owl70 said:

Will try to find the stl file for all those that are interested.... was surprised to see this post pop up again!!!!!

Cheers mate.

After a few attempts at guitar plectrums and owl staues at college I just did a quick Google search for 'STL Sheffield Wednesday' and this thread cropped up.

I wouldn't even know where to begin designing that atm.

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