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Iv reyt enjoyed mi sen today. sat in the home end with mi elderly dad and sister who are leeds and mi nephew who is an owl. 

Got to leeds at 11.30 and all iv heard all day is leeds will win at least 4-0. They are tug wednesday. Easy 3 points.

Went into the centenary pavillion.Must have been the only bloke in the building to put a bet on wednesday. Cheap beer, but leeds ''ledgend'' Tony Dorigo saying leeds will win 3-0


To cut a long story short, when the team news came out. Leeds loved the fact that nuhiu was starting. Useless donkey, couldnt hit a barn door etc etc.

The amount of fun iv had today jumping up shouting ''Thats tug'' everytime Leeds gave the ball away or fecked up is fantastic.


But, Nuhiu's goals were the best. Im shouting hes their worst player!!!! especially the second. ''He is like bambi, how the feck has he got through our defense''? Love it when leeds eat their words...........

and to top it off, had a cheeky tenner on us to win 2-1. at 11-1. Happy days... UTO 

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I was also in the home end... couldn’t help but go mad when we scored! Thought they’d go on to beat us when they drew level! :luhukay:

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