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20 minutes ago, Owl Be Back said:


And all the results around them going against them. Yep, that's about it.


Went for the first time since before the New Year tonight and won't be going again for the rest of the season, it really was insipid; the team don't know how to, or aren't capable of, really having a go for a sustained amount of time in order to stretch the opposition and pressure them.




* Wednesday Are W*nk Aren't We.


By BY you wont be missed.

Come back when we are winning, once again a life long fan.

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22 minutes ago, Earlsfieldowl said:

There still a few team worse than us - that’s it.


The mismanagement here has to be seen to be believed.


Only Wednesday could get themselves into this sort of predicament.

..and Hull, Reading & Sunderland.

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12 minutes ago, 33 said:

Buttercup wasn't the worst player on the pitch for a change

# Why do you build him up.. Buttercup, when he let's us down #

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32 minutes ago, Lichfield alien said:
  • Gruntbags finding their level is a massive positive :CEO:


I find it amazing how we can find any solace in their results at the moment .....fo.ok me we are far worse !

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12 minutes ago, Rhubarb n Custard said:

..and Hull, Reading & Sunderland.

I'll bet if we played any of those 3 we'd struggle to get points 

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I got home super-early


Great view cos no-one for yards around me


Nuhiu was superb


Fox was much better  


Lucas is looking confident and clearly a huge threat. He is scoring goals from nothing


The teams below us are just awful


My wife put some wine in the fridge for me



Edit - yes Lees was really excellent. We do stand a chance if he stays fit.

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