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Sheffield Wednesday accounts due to be published

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And don't say it's the weather.


Can't remember any other time when accounts weren't published in snowy February.


Sometimes a sign that a firm's in trouble and can't get auditors to sign off.


Or doing some financial engineering and /or statistical gymnastics.


Anyway key points for us : are accumulated losses (2016 £9.8 million) approaching FFP limit of £39 million now?


Is Chansiri still only injecting £916,667 (2016) cash annually into club - via personal sponsorship?


If rest is from club funds paid for by fans and  any income increase or is commercial revenue still worse than Rotherham?


Any DC  loans and , if so, are these repayable and on what terms and conditions? 


But it could be that Kat's still stuck in a dodgy AirBnB without WiFi and she'll publish all tomorrow. 

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1 minute ago, @owlstalk said:


Before everyone fires one off are we certain they were definitely 100% due and late?


The OP says so, so must be true....:biggrin:

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1 minute ago, e6owl said:

Last year they were filed on the 1st March, and the year before on the 2nd.




So they're not really late then?


Owlstalk Shop




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I've been driven back into my kennel by the elements...so it's going to be a long afternoon on here...:tango:

I know very little about accountancy so I'll be chipping in the most.


FFS ™ and fully audited.

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