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Bring back Matt Penney

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Another badly thought out loan deal for Penney that is not benefiting player or the club.


Although he is constantly in Mansfield's match day squad, he played just around 40 minutes in 5 games since he signed for Mansfield.


Mansfield have huge squad with many of their senior players not able to get on the bench lately (Byrom, White, Diamond, Mirfin...), and with Evans gone there is even less chance that he will get lot of chances there. 


They are after best season in last few decades, chasing promotion and unlikely to gamble on young, unexperienced player at this time. Said at the time I wasn't sure why we agreed to send him there.


With Wednesday in dire need for players we could do with player of his quality and versatility. He is good enough, just in need of a chance to prove what he can do, and to impress Jos just like Clare and Thorniley did this season.

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1 minute ago, royalowlisback said:

Steve Evans has left Mansfield - may increase/decrease Penney's chances of game time?


From what I got from twitter and other media, Evans spoke very highly of him, and was talking about starting him in the near future.

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5 minutes ago, McRightSide said:

Can't get in the Mansfield side. Couldn't get in the side on his last loan (Bradford?)


Has never featured for us despite all the left sided problems we've had.


Only received a short contract extension in comparison to some peers.


Clearly he's the answer to all our problems.

Still...got to be better than Fox surely!

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He signed deal that was offered to all U-23 players who impressed at the time.


Sent to clubs fighting for promotion both times, where chances of him getting game time were very slim, and least to do with him not been good enough.


When JL came to the club he was out injured (under Bullen as well). Don't think that Luchukay had a chance to take a look at him yet to be honest.

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Just now, pazowl55 said:

Clearly he is not yet ready for championship football or we wouldn't be playing Boyd as a left back.



Think it was mostly down to poor timing of his injury. If he was fit when Bullen was caretaker, or when Luchukay took over I'm sure he would have got to play. 

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