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Letter sent to the FA

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18 minutes ago, vulva said:

Oh good god.


Someone has actually done it. 


We’ve spent years taking the mock out of the Pigs for stuff like this, and now we’re at it. 


Incredible stuff. 

What’s the alternative? Sit on your hands and belittle fellow fans for trying to air a legitimate gripe?

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I will be writing to the Football League this morning and copying the FA too.


This is not about getting the game replayed.  Clearly that will never happen.


But match fixing destroys the whole game and makes it completely pointless going to matches.


Just look at the problems that the Italian authorities have had in trying to root out bribery and corruption..


The Foul Count stats from yeterday do no lie and the 16 - 1 figure is very disturbing.


At the very least it might cause some enquiry into the relationship between Swarbrick and Aston Villa FC.

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4 minutes ago, HubristicClapper said:

I think you'd get more luck writing to the newspapers.    Collectively they could get something done if they were persistent enough.

Think he'd get more luck writing to f@@kin Santa in fairness mate.

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1 hour ago, HOSTAGE IN PYONGYANG said:

I have sent the following letter to fa@info.com


It will be in the bin by now.


"Dear Sirs,

I would like the FA  to investigate the level of officiating during the Sheffield Wednesday vs Aston Villa played at Hillsborough yesterday.

I know as a paying member of the public I cannot instigate a full enquiry, but the FA, as the regulatory body should be aware of what happened at the game.


Firstly the amount of fouls awarded was somewhat disproportionate. 16 to 1. I find this very strange. I am aware that refereeing is a difficult job to do, but 16 to 1 seems to suggest one team were 16 times more, shall we say physical, than the other. This was not the case.


Secondly the overall standard of the officials was somewhat one-sided.


I have never written to the FA before, as in the past I have assumed the referee had made poor judgements, as we all do. Sadly that cannot be said of the referee in yesterdays games, as the decision making was consistently poor.


I look forward to your response.






Oh come on! I know there where bad decisions, but where starting to sound likes Blunts..v Terez era. Let's just move on Upwards and onwards. UTO X

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1 minute ago, matthefish2002 said:

FA must get letters like this every week from disgruntled fans.



I regularly read forums from other clubs as entertainment and no word of a lie every single club has fans who think:


A) they always get the worst decisions against them and them alone.


B) there’s some sort of conspiracy to keep them down


C) if they have a major rival then point B is something to do with them (Man City are big on this)

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Look. It might not be something you would do, but fair play to any fan who watches all the matches and has been driven to write/ send a missile to the governing body. Does anybody think the Italian fixing scandal would have come to light without attention bring drawn to it? I mean - it has been known for players to take bribes tha nos.

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1 minute ago, Marpals said:

I've sent a strongly worded letter to That's Life.

I expect the same response as the opening poster will get.


If you've not posted it yet, can you enclose my rude carrot pic please?


Tell 'em the ref was a bentprick and they may combine the two subjects.


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