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Swansea replay ticket allocation

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12 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:



Everyone would be feyting on it over whether George Hirst should be signed




Not if we restrict to those pledging allegiance. Great idea. Get some “sign up George Hirst” banners printed ! 

Come on Essix youve got this !!!!

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19 minutes ago, Reallondonowl said:

Any news on how many we will get ?

Will there be a Wednesdayite coach ?


Details will be announced tomorrow. 

Wednesdayite should run a coach. 

Not sure how many tickets we will get. Think away fans normally get about 2000 but can't see us selling that many midweek. 

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1 minute ago, Animal said:

dont really recommend getting the owlstalk coach, when I did back in 2005 a blow up sheep had cookies shoved up its rectum and  the toilet broke, sums it up me...

Were the sums addition subtraction multiplication or division ?....

Either way still must have made your eyes water ?

Some of them symbols I reckon could cause some reight damageWTF:


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How would past Wednesday managers drive the coach?


Gray.....30mph all the way"

Irvine...."Head for Scotland.....see how the land lies ...maybe inch South"

Wilko...."F.ook the motorways..as the crow flies...f,ook the hedgerows...and the Welsh"

Len ashurst..."I can see f.ook all through these eyebrows...which lane are we in?"

Turner ..."The M2 is a nightmare motorway.........................

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