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Strongest back line..

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For me this is an interesting one. When all fit (which hopefully wont be too long) then we have a lot of options for the back 3.


Lees, Loovens, Venancio, Thorniley, Pudil, van Aken, Hutch, O'Grady.. some have even suggested putting Fox back there.


Pudil, Loovens, Venancio did well the other night, But 2 of those may well not be here next season.

Lees has to be a serious shout for a shirt, but would he be best in the middle? He might be best on the right where Venancio has been doing well.

Thorniley's looked good, and has to be in the hat.

van Aken hasn't played in the back 3, it might suit him better, and having a Dutch coach might help him adjust quicker too.

Hutch could well slot in at the back, he seems more disciplined there and has done well in the past.


Hutch, Lees, Venancio

Pudil, Lees, Venancio

Thorniley, Pudil, Lees

there's a lot of other lineups and i honestly find it hard to pick just one. and that's a good thing!




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For the rest of this season: Venancio, Lees, Pudil


With a full pre-season together: Lees, Hutch, Thorniley


Time for Pudil and Loovens to move on this summer. Would like to see Nielsen get more minutes if Jos is going to bring the next generation through.

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