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Substitutes and the basics


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Reading what Jon Newsome said about not doing the basics right got me back on my old high horse about subs and in particular the situation yesterday when Jones had to go off.


How do we let a situation arise where a player is down and been treated for so long and by the time he leaves the field the sub still isn't ready to come on?.....made worse by the fact that it was a head injury and if the sub wasnt ready then why didn't we just treat or asses him for longer?...it's basic and unprofessional.


on a wider issue i can never understand why subs have to be told to warm up.....surely it wouldn't detract from any freshness for a sub to be continually warmed up and ready to come on in the time it takes to get ready kit wise.....as sub they should have one job....be ready physically and mentally to come on at any point in the ninety minutes 

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This is something that drives me daft.

Soon as anybody needs treatment for something that looks like a sub might be a possibility then get the sub ready to go on. If the magic sponge does it’s job then nothing lost.

The Jones incident was shambolic. There are enough hangers on to sort it but instead we end up playing valuable minutes with 10 men


And when we have to wait for the sub to put his pads on, put some tape somewhere or even find a shirt!!! 

Or the old favourite, take a necklace off! 

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